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Service Policy

        HUASHI TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED  (call "HUASHI" as follows) will provide you the timely, convenient, warm and comprehensive high quality service according to this ”After-service terms”

1. This item is only applicable to the product which sold by HUASHI and the product which supplied by the agents who have gain the authorization of HUASHI

2. We supply one year warranty for free.

3. Within 7days, the problem happened under the normal using circumstances, and our technician confirm the problem belong to the product itself without any appearance damage, the customer can use the invoice to return or get new product with same model and specifications.

4. Within 15days since the product and the accessories were bought, the problem happened under the normal using circumstances, and our technician confirm the problem belong to the product itself without any appearance damage, the customer can use the invoice to get new product with same model and specifications or repair.

5. Within the warranty date, our company is responsible for repairing and changing the product’s accessories or other parts, except the circumstances of Article 8, we supply the all accessories and manual work for free, and the all old parts will be reclaimed by our company.

6. After maintaining but within the valid warranty date, the product still enjoy the warranty; according to the maintenance, the product which has exceeded the valid warranty date, can still have an extra month warranty.

7. The consumer who needs the maintenance service has to provide the Proforma/ Commercial  invoice, Certificate or Warranty Card.

8. Appear any following circumstance, our company won't provide free warranty service to the product and its accessories:
Product or accessories once were dismantled or altered without authorization or damaged by improper installation.
Anti-power, or product and accessories have any obvious artificial damage.
The product or accessories, which were authenticated by our technical persons, don’t belong to our company

9. During the warranty period, if your product has any problem, you can deal with the product according to the proccedure as below:
Contact our company’s customer service center and confirm whether the product needs to return back for maintenance.
If the problems which you met are using problems or technical problems, our technical engineer will serve you directly.
If you are sure the problem is the product itself and it needs maintaining, please pack the product properly and described the exact fault phenomenon; if the product’s accessories are incomplete, please list them clearly and note your name, contact telephone and address, which should be sent back to our company together with the product for maintenance or replacement.

10. If the product or accessories have already exceeded the valid date or not belong to the maintenance scope, we will charge you the relative expenses, and before charging, our customer service center will contact you for confirming.

11. The examination period of product is three working days; for the usual fault, the repair period is five working days; and for the special severe fault, the maintenance period is ten working days.

12. If it’s more than 60days for repairing, the customer can use the P/I or record of maintenance to get the same model/ specification product instead of the former one. If we don’t have the same model/ specification product, the customer can get the same brand product which has the same price and same or even better performance.

13. Our company have never authorized any agents or service agency to repair the product, and we also won’t undertake any responsibilities and obligations which beyond the terms.

14. Special Declare:
After buying our product, please keep purchase proof and the Proforma /Commercial invoice.
If the product which you bought needs repairing or testing, please copy the documents inside of it, or we are not responsible for data missing.
Our company retains the right of explaining and modifying this term, and the valid date for new accessories will be counted from the day when the repair department change them, while the valid date for repairing is 3 months and for changing is 7days.

15. The expenses for returning and resending products should be paid by customers themselves, we are not responsible for undertaking the freight.

16. HUASHI has the ultimate interpretation right, if there is any problem, we can negotiate, if we can't deal with it each other, we will appeal to People’s Court of Shenzhen.

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